Custom Clips

$ 500.00

The Flat Method (Ear to Ear Extension Clips) in Golden Brown 100% Virgin One-of-a-Kind Human Hair From Spain or Russia. Natural straight texture in Regular Density with 100% Human Hair. Sold by the ounce.

Wash and go with this incredible hair quality! Our clips are high quality, long lasting, reusable and have absolutely no shedding during the wear.

TEXTURE: Straight to slightly wavy
QUALITY: Exclusive Virgin Hair
DENSITY: Regular

Experience the ultimate luxury with our exclusive hair clip in extensions.  Glam Hair Extensions is a luxury brand made with 100% Virgin Hair. Our hair will not swell, shed or tangle. Wash and go with this incredible hair quality! Our hand made base will last for years if well cared for.

TEXTURES: Silky Straight, Body Wavy, Spiral Waves. Custom textures and colors also available!


LENGTHS: Up to 24″

QUALITY: Exclusive Virgin High Quality

CUSTOM ORDERS:  Allow 2-4 weeks delivery time